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Friday, December 30, 2011

Dear Cancer: Gotcha!

First of all, I'm healing up very quickly from the surgery. A little pain and mild incontinence is all that's still bothersome. I think the rapid healing is in part due to the Captain Jack Harkness R.A.F. coat my wife bought me for Christmas. (Pictured above.. Sorry, I'm not better lookin'.)

I was going to title this blog entry “Catheter the Great” but I my respect for horses prevented it.

My urologist called me this morning and informed me that while the cancer actually spread fairly rapidly between the biopsy and the surgery, meaning that mine was the more aggressive variety, it was still contained within the prostate, so its removal will more than likely mean I can change the name of the blog in a couple weeks.

All of the positive energy I’ve received over the past several months worked its magic. I owe you one. Every single one of you.

I’ll save the stories of humiliation and discomfort for another post. Right now, I’m too damned happy to whine.

Here’s me singing “Midnight Train to Georgia”, that should be enough discomfort for today.

I do wonder though, if my bloodwork comes back in a few weeks and I find out that I am, in fact, cancer free, what should I rename my blog?


  1. Ahh, this has been a WONDERFUL day all around, cousin, and this is the very best part of it! I am so happy to read this I could burst! ((((Hugs))))

  2. Great News and I think you look like a Sexier Harry Hamlin sans the cleft chin so deep you could drop a Buick in.

  3. I LOVE it! Rock on that midnight train.....Sandy closed her Broadway show I'm Still Here Dammit with this song, as I'm sure you know...and it has a place in my heart. Kudos Singing Man!

  4. Michael, I was doing Sandy doing Gladys. Hmmm... I might want to rethink the verbs in that last sentence.