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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The Angels of My Recovery Part One, and My Han Solo Like Performance in the Kegel Run!

The Epiphany: Angel Man Introduces Liza Jane to her Alternate Life as Jessica Claus

My support system has been mighty,unified and tireless during my ordeal, and the Angels of My Recovery span the globe, and I aspire to be worthy of all of the positive energy I've received, not just during my war with cancer (which we won)but through so much more.

First I'll discuss ,and sing the praises of, a very important Triumvirate of Spiritual Energy that has added me as the big shambling sidekick, a sort of Ben Grimm in the Fantastic Four. I'm not quite as creative, talented and spritually aware as they are but they love me anyway, and we vibrate on the same universal frequency.

After that we'll talk about my brush with incontinence, ya know, to even things out.

Sandra Bernhard introduced me to Michael Gardner who introduced me to Liz Carr and the three have been integral parts of my sanity and recovery. (Micheal and Liz are pictured above, Sandy sings you a song in the video below.)

Sandra and I were born on Michigan soil, Geminis, and while she was becoming a superstar, I was just feeling my way through a confusing life where I didn't quite know what to make of myself. We met several years ago on the Twitter and she has cheered me on through my trials and tribulations ever since, with unwavering love and loyalty. She's my friend and hero. Why did an internationally recognized creative genius take an interest in me? I'm just lucky I guess. Oh, and for those who feel that perhaps our friendship is a figment of my imagination and that I'm just some fan who likes to name drop, and I say this in the nicest way I can muster, please feel free to go screw yourself. Sandy and I have a spiritual connection even if I'm not taking the apartment. (Insert "Will & Grace"/ Blender joke here.)

It was through Sandy that I met Michael Gardner, who when he found out that I had cancer, rallied his considerable resources to come to my aid. I'm fairly certain he's an angel, which is why I call him Angel Man. Again, Michael was a person that had no real reason to take any interest in me, outside of the fact that I was a member of the human race in need of balance and a stay against the Widening Gyre. His energy is unlike any I've ever encountered. Michael is an artist of great talent and accomplishment. I'm just some guy who lives in Flint. I'm willing to believe that something more than luck is the reason we crossed paths.

Michael introduced me to Liz Carr, my Jedi Master. Liz knows how to even me out and helps me accept and embrace my perfect imperfections. We've both been through a ringer or two and came out in a good place. We have hysterically funny long phone conversations and if I'm one-tenth the inspiration to her that she is to me I'll be very pleased.

I don't just admire and respect these people. I love them.

And now ladies and gentlemen along with the brilliant Mitchell Kaplan, my Sister Gemini!

... and now let's talk about a complication of my RADICAL PROSTATECTOMY.

Mild incontinence. It's not a lot of fun. The upside is I get to do kegel excercises, so I have that going for me, which is nice. My urologist insists this is a temporary condition. But laughing is a treacherous endeavor these days.

So until next time love each other and for those who suffer the same malady as I currently face, wet 'em if you got 'em.

Oh, and good night, Miss Jhoni, wherever you are. I miss ya.


  1. I'm sure said peoples above and all would agree with me that support is easy when you inspire us all. Brother!

  2. Brother, you're getting your very own entry... I won't even add erectile dysfunction as a capper. 4 Life!

  3. I dunno.... Some of those dudes in the ED commercials end up with some fairly hot dames; maybe I should look in to it! lol

  4. *finally catching up on your blog posts post-prostatectomy*

    Hooray!! Great news! *throws confetti*.
    Glad to hear all is going well my dear CBIL! Still loving your blog posts :). Hugs, Love, and Ah-Boo!

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  6. Mom, Sandy is well known for acting, singing and stand-up comedy! She's got one of the most entertaining live shows in history. She's a genius.

  7. I couldn't agree more I knew about the acting and stand up
    comedy I did not know she had a beautiful voice I applaud
    her talent. Just one of the beautiful people inside and out.