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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The Doctor Who Lyric Morph Challenge!

I might need help with something from all of you that are Doctor Who fans. I recently blipped Jane Monheit's version of "Waters of March" and remembered the Doctor Who special "Waters of Mars" So with a little help from Jane (she came up with all of the Tom Baker era references) I could only cobble together one verse and a chorus. Anyone want to take a crack at the other verses?

First, here's Jane singing "Waters of March" for those who aren't familiar with the tune, followed by the lyrics I slapped together this morning.

Daleks, Davros, it’s the end of the road.
He’s the last Lord of time, he’s a little alone
It’s a Tardis so blue, it’s a box with a phone
It’s a sliver of time, it is space, so we run
It’s a Robot of Death, it’s a trap, it’s no fun
Sontaran Doom, Rutans in the brush
Autons made of wood, which he has to crush
The Ood a song, a ship, a fall
The crash, a win, it was nothing at all
It’s the Cybermen march, talons of weng-chiang
It is old, it is new, and the Cloister Bell rang
And the Doctor he cracked at the Waters of Mars
It’s the end of all time, with a song in his heart

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