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Thursday, October 27, 2011

The Boo-Monster Bounce and a Little Getaway !

Bouncing. It’s what Boo Monster’s do best ! But bouncing leads to broken box springs, bed frames, and couches. When we used to live in an apartment, neighbors would insist that we must be doing something horrible in our quarters. One actually went to the office of the landlord and claimed we were smashing things with a baseball bat “day and night,” and that was the* upstairs* neighbor. The downstairs neighbor was the building manager and he was forewarned that a 100 plus pound jackhammer lived upstairs. David likes to jump up and down a lot, particularly when he’s excited, which is frequently. Things fall off of walls and shelves, light bulbs in the basement come loose, C. H. U. D.s move to the suburban sewers, etc.

Why don’t we stop him? The same reason you can’t stop a hurricane. He is a force of nature. Not that we don’t ask him in every way we can think of, but it’s like asking someone not to breathe. It’s what he does.

Recently my friend, M, told me of the health benefits of the trampoline, that rebounding was good for the lymphatic system. Her husband had used it to great effect. Well, my new health-minded self, being slightly sharper than my sloth- minded self, realized that what was good for my lymphatic system, might also be good for David’s emphatic system.

::Prepares to be pelted with rocks and garbage by the bad pun police.::

So we’re getting a trampoline for Boo Monsters and Daddy Monsters!
Here’s a video of an alternate reality David and I voiced over by Tom Selleck:

I’ll let you know how that goes. The trampoline, not the fire breathing.

In other news, my wife and I took a mini-vacation close to home while my mother-in-law watched the Boo Monster. I, in my own self-important dramatic fashion, titled the vacation “Perry Prostates Last Stand”. I’ll assume that you can figure out why I gave that title to our little getaway (Brown Chicken Brown Cow!) and we can move on to the other things we did during the weekend.

I cheated on my diet and paid for it after we got home. Hint: If you don’t eat red meat for a while and then do, you’re asking for it. It was like I was burping up the souls of the eternally damned.

Naturally, like most people do when they are on a bit of a holiday, we went shopping… at the Habitat for Humanity store. We got some swell pictures frames and I found an Anne Murray 8 track tape that will definitely wind up in the eight track tape player I’ll be adding to the console of my TARDIS control room, which will be the subject of another post somewhere down the line.

We went to go see Paranormal Activity 3 at 10:50 in the morning, and both found it quite a clever little diversion. In fact, I liked it so much that I when my wife bought my son a helium filled spider balloon just before we came home Sunday I named it “Toby”.

Probably shouldn’t have done that since our new home was built in the 1940s and has produced some rather ghostly experiences, but that’s another story, again, for another post.

We also went out to shoot pool and sing karaoke, where we performed among other numbers, one of the two songs that we sang during our wedding ceremony ten years ago, Billy Preston and Syreeta’s “With You I’m Born Again.” People told us how cute we were.

We came home exhausted and the Boo Monster was on 11, so I think that little Mommy and Daddy alone time did us both some good.

I have an appointment today with my “regular” doctor to okay me for the rapidly approaching surgery, and if anything interesting happens you can read about here!

And now … 5 thank yous !

Thanks to my boss, Tina Prause, over at A&E Television Networks, who is always supportive and understanding. She is, quite frankly a super-genius, and one the best people ever. She also gave me the best gig I could ever hope for.

Thanks to Renee Yvette, my beautiful Twitter cousin. She is incredibly smart, wise, and kind, and a terrific hugger. Meeting her earlier this year was a moment my wife and I will always cherish.

Thanks to L. A. for telling me of your experience with prostate cancer, and the ensuing surgery, and keeping me from going crazy by reminding me that I have a good life and that this is a minor setback on an otherwise magical journey.

Thanks to Natalie Nicole Gilbert, whose fan club card I carry in my wallet, and was nice enough to give me a call and see how I was doing. The poor woman had to listen to me babble like a fan boy on meth. Buy all of her music. You’ll be glad you did!

Speaking of music, I’d also like to thank William Shatner, ; Jane Monheit, ; Dawn Langstroth, ; Alice Cooper, ; John Barrowman, ; and Mark Volman and Howard Kaylan; for providing the soundtrack that helps keep my spirits up. Gobble up their music.

Thanks to Julie Silver, who I found (by happy accident or divine intervention) through social media, and was completely awestruck by. She is ALWAYS a positive force on the universe.

Next time … It gets a little freaky! Or not …

Until then, Love Each other!

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  1. I do not understand people sometimes (about David Jumping)
    Kids make noise. Seriously!