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Monday, October 31, 2011

20 Questions: Halloween Edition

20 Questions: Halloween Edition

Enough with all of the keening, wailing and gnashing of teeth; let’s play a game!
This multiple choice quiz will feature questions about 20 people I am thankful to have as friends.

The first person that e-mails me all the correct answers to the quiz wins … um, let’s see… I could call you and do a bunch of silly voices… or put you in my will or something. We’ll figure something out.


This question pertains to my very first nephew, Jack Lee, reaper of lost souls, and all around swell chap. We’ve gone to the Motor City Comicon together for roughly the last 75 years. I love him.

Which of the following is another annual event Jack and I look forward to?

A. On the full moon every April, Jack and I dress as Bucky Barnes and Jason Todd and scour the greater Flint area for criminals to kick in the nethers.

B. On Jack’s birthday every year, I attempt, and frequently succeed in choke slamming him straight to Hell.

C. We enter our prize hog, Cherylene, into the county fair competition for prettiest pig. She’s never won but we love her for her beautiful soul.


My sweet and supportive friend Jori Jenae, Hollywood make-up artist extraordinaire, one of my very first twitter friends and vice-versa. *HUGS*.

Which of the following celebrities has Jori not worked with?

A. William Shatner

B. Kathy Bates

C. Harold Lloyd


Jenifer Swift (real name withheld so that she is not constantly barraged with questions of how she always has such great hair.)She's awesome.

Jenifer recently sent me a package containing three WWE (WWF) Teddy Bears, what three characters did the teddy bears represent?

A. Hellena Heavenly, Sharkboy, ad Chip Fairway

B. Bastion Booger, Glacier, and Jay Leno.

C. Stone Cold Steve Austin, Mankind, and Kane.


Speaking of Hellena Heavenly, she is a phenomenal worker, and I wish was a trainer at FCW so that she could teach some of these "Divas" how to run the f**king ropes. Drives me nuts. Anyway....

Other than Hellena, which of the following three pro wrasslin' female heroes of mine have I have met.

A. Trish Stratus, Nora Greenwald (Molly Holly), and Mickie James.

B. Sherri Martel, Akira Hokuto, and Lisa Varon (Victoria, Tara)

C. Judy Martin, Gail Kim and Kia Stevens (Awesome Kong / Karma)


Lisa Ray has been a friend of mine nearly forever. We got reacquainted a few years back and it's been amazing fun. Lisa works in the television news industry (currently WDIV in Detroit),but when we were in high school, she was the queen of the stage. Her acting skill was so formidable that it required two separate leading men - both with same first name - to act opposite her in a legendary musical.

What was the play and what was the first name of both her leading men.

A. Hair / Alan

B. South Pacific / Scott

C. The Fantasticks / Petro


Erin Aiken is one of the kindest, diplomatic, and thoughtful people on earth.

What game does Erin routinely destroy me when we play each other?

A. Parcheesi

B. Words with Friends

C. Giant Monster Combat Larping


I have two friends whose names are remarkable similar to my own, Shawn Patrick Colton. Both incredibly sweet and clever individuals. Their twitter handles (Cthulu23 and Kouban) will tell you nothing, unless you cheat and look at their profiles!

Who are my similarly named friends?

A. Shawn Colvin and Sean Patrick Flanery

B Shaun Crocker and Patrick Shawn Kelly

C. Wallace Shawn and Charles Nelson Reilly


Anastasia McGee is an incredible human being with an unusual number of first cousins. Guess how many ?

A. 57

B. 19

C. 1.25


Sara Tweed, impossibly nice and Greg Stafford, a paragon of virtue, are considered royalty in what magical land. (Also visit the following Greg related website if you are an unsigned music act, Canadian, and VERY Good )

A. The Fuzzball Empire

B. The Nutball Kingdom

C. The Provincial League of Superhuman Entities Named Karl with a "K."


The extremely awesome, talented and lovely Danielle Tucker is the host of "The Golf Club" ( What state does Danielle live in?

A. Hawaii

B. Pennsylvania (Go Steelers!)

C. Florida


Karen Stupples, super-mom, incredible pro athlete, and more than all that a GREAT person. I call Karen "Champ" not only because she won the Women's Britih Open in 2004, and was part of the winning European team at the Solheim Cup this year, but she also won another championship in 2009, which tournament was is it?

A. Open de France Dames

B. Wales Ladies Championship of Europe

C. Ladies Swiss Open


My Twitter Cousin Erica V. is incredibly fabulous and her cat is cooler than Raul in Howard Chaykin's "American Flagg". What's the name of her putty-tat?

A. Zebediah

B. Pandora

C. Quentin


I dig a good love story. All of the couples I will list in this question are intellectual dynamos, physically attractive, and loaded with talent. Three of the couples I like a whole lot, separately and together, and one of them not so much.

Which couple is not on my list of favorites?

A. Phil and Karen Villasenor

B. Cole and Jenny Brooks Stratton

C. Virginia and Bill Corbett

D. My John McCain and Joe Leiberman salt and pepper shakers.


Speaking of love, my Twitter pal Ross Douglas waited a LONG TIME for the love of his life to return to him and now they are blissfully married!

How long did Ross have to wait?

A. Two-thousand years while she was trapped in the Pandorica

B. 8 years

C. 15 years


Holly Reier ( @Solitaire171 on Twitter ) stumped me with this trivia question.

Who, other than an occasional fill in by Bob Hastings, voiced the Raven in the Munster's cuckoo clock?

A. Casey Kasem

B. Mel Blanc

C. Scott Levy


In honor of my dear fried Mokes (@mocoddle), who I really, really like, and is one of the funniest and nicest people in the galaxy, I ask this question.

Which of these events never happened in U. S. History?
A.Prior to World War II the New York City phonebook listed twenty-two Hitlers, after the war ended, there were zero.

B. Paul Revere warned the British that they weren’t gonna be takin’ away our arms, by ringin’ those bells and by makin’ sure that as he’s ridin’ his horse through town to send those warnin’ shots and bells that we were gonna be secure and we were gonna be free … and we were gonna be armed.

C. Martin Van Buren had two pet tiger cubs.


Robin Olson (@ThePlushGourmet) is living a lifelong dream... what is it?

A. To be a human cannonball.

B. To have a place all her own.

C. To have a pony ... with two heads!


My friend Andy (@AndyCH65) is a beautiful upstanding person.

How many men with the first name Andrew served as the Secretary of the United States Treasury

A. 10

B. 1

C. 8


Kate Flanagan Siegel, a total sweetheart, is my favorite what ?

A. Blip FM DJ

B. Lawn dart player

C. War correspondent

and finally ....


Which of the following Twitter accounts do I NOT follow?

A. @HappyKappy13

B. @tyranthrax

C. @monkeyballs

So there you have it! Also feel free to leave your answers in the comments section or e-mail me at

The next entry is about the upcoming surgery ... and there will be 5 more thank yous!

I love you guys!


  1. Brilliant entry! Made me laugh and smile and be very happy. Love you, Cousin.

  2. Cripes, you know an awful lot about an awful lot, dontcha? :D

    You would not BELIEVE how much more fabulous Jenifer's hair is in person!! Alas, I'm not sure how many first cousins Anastasia has--only that she has one of the greatest names evar (which befits her, being the ever so rad, keen 'n awesome gal that she is...).

    The "Britih" Open? Honey, didn't you remember to spellcheck this before posting it? ;)

    Andy and I now have a definite goal: to make it onto your "favorite couples" list. We know it'll take a long time and will be a fearsome challenge, but I think we'll eventually be able to achieve that designation. (I also have NO idea of the answer to that question, but dammit, no-one told me it was going to be part of my Girlfriend Contract to know arcane trivia about historical Andrews! Isn't it enough that I actually paid attention to the baseball playoffs and World Series, despite being an only-soccer-and-hockey kinda gal?)

    {{smushes}} ♥

  3. Yes, that was the BRITISH Open, for all those wondering. Thanks, Lilly. Ooo Yea !

    I love baseball!

  4. Great post Shawn. Congrats on the 1k!

  5. I love the video of David I will try and see if I can copy it My computer is windows seven and new well since March I spent your fathers money on it for a present for my birthday

    Oh the question about Jack Comic Book Convention Not sure if it was a choice skimmed the whole thing.