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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Happy Birthday, Boo Monster !

My whole world,the king of my heart,the Boo Monster is nine years old today.

If I was smarter this video wouldn't be sideways!


  1. Never mind I figured it out I have google chrome so I have gmail but I do not use it much this is a simple blog using google I never use the gmail email just the browser and the document creator which is better than windows 7 word What is a long story you have a blog I can access using my google account so why is it a long story? Facebook is enough for me I also have My Space but really do not use it That social network I do not like at all

    I was asking if this was part of twitter which I do not have an account with. and do not want one Facebook is fine to keep in touch

  2. I was being silly.

    No, this isn't part of Twitter. The is part of Blogspot, accessible from every part of the Interwebz.

  3. Happy Birthday David!

  4. Another happy belated birthday from David's internet-aunt out here in California...though I'm sure it was happy, given the stupendous parents that the Boo just happens to have been graced with. ;) ♥