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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Give Me Levity Or Give Me Death !

I keep meaning to write about fear. In four days, I'm having life changing surgery, and I'm a little scared.

But no one wants to read that crap.

My support group has been beyond amazing.

Friday night, my long time close personal friend, and the best man at my wedding, Daniel Floyd, broadcast his 80's Night Live radio show and dedicated the whole program to me. Dan played nothing but music that I like, which is a pretty dangerous format if you want to keep your audience, but that’s the kind of friend he is. Also my Huckleberry, Annie performed “Moon River” for me, Dan also played John Barrowman and myself singing that classic number. I got a little weepy. I won’t lie.

Here's one of my new Jazz Trinity Trio Jane Monheit with my fave version of the song.

Buy all of Jane's Music ... I'm going to! Maybe even twice!

The other two Trinity members are Tianna Hall and Brigitte Zarie in case you're interested. Buy all of their stuff too.

I also got a much appreciated blast of positive energy from the folks at Pop My Culture Podcast with Cole Stratton and Vanessa Ragland. Episode 52 with special guest, the beautiful and talented Meredith Salenger.

Speaking of Cole and Vanessa, here's a photo of the shirt I'll be wearing when I leave the hospital on Friday or Saturday.

Now, let's talk about Murray Gold for a moment. I think the current restraining order has expired.

David just loves his compositions. “Rose’s Theme” and “I Am the Doctor” freeze him in his tracks. As far as I can tell, Boo doesn't care about "Doctor Who" one way or another, unless there’s a stirring theme in the background. The opening theme sends the Boo Monster into a frenzy, but I'll bet he sees the time/space vortex more frequently than we neurotypical normals do.

I also listen to A LOT of Murray’s music when I write. I’m sure my thanks are a drop in the bucket, but here they are.

I also owe him three pies. Hurm.

Speaking of the Boo Monster, that dude is finicky, like MORRIS THE CAT finicky. I keep putting various dishes in front of him and he pushes them away. One day after 5 attempts I got it right. David's fish fingers and custard are tortilla chips and catsup.

Speaking of levity. Wendy Liebman's new Showtime Special "Taller on TV" is just the right thing to watch when you're in the mood I've been in lately. There's nothing outlandish, overtly political, mean-spirited or preachy here. Just well timed, well read, clever jokes being delivered by a pro who is not only funny, but beautiful too.

Until next time, please love one another....


  1. Brother, it was my honor & I received positive feedback from a lot of my listeners about the show. One, non-chat listener told me on FB "Your friend has no idea how many people will be thinking of him thanks to the show" you're the best & we'll all be there in mind, spirit & coco puffs for you!

  2. ... and as I you know I'm cuckoo for Coco Puffs!

    Thanks again. Brothers Forever !

  3. Okay I thought I did this once, son He likes Golden Grahams too.
    Things disappear on the mother ship all the time these days. That happens when you produce children I did produce Shawn and three other children Yes i know he is a man but sometimes oldtimers hits me and I remember when he stood up and walked at 10 months old. He was a cute little kid Then he grew up and had a kid of his own. Why I am here. Well the reason is I think he might actually see this, and I really hate phones nobody answers them anymore know what is happening at Saint Joes on Woodward in Pontiac and thought I would offer my services in any way Shawn might need me or Pam might need for that matter, I know the halls of that hospital well since I lived very close to it at one time. I could even get there but I should not drive without a car and walking is out of the question so if you need me here for any reason I don't work and I have the time so ask me and I can be there maybe I could sprout some wings and fly. How do I post an avatar?
    I love you son and I wish I could hug you but that is Pams job now I just want to make you smile and know in my heart I just know all good things will come onto you. Now please don't make this silly thread vanish Your Mother loves you

  4. Mom, questions too technical ... must not pass out. Idon't eat much cereal anymore since I gave gave up milk. I used to love Monster Cereals too !

    We've got a lot of support lined up for the week after surgery, but we can probably come and get you for a visit.

    Love you.