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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Time, Lies and Videotape.

(I'm posting this about four hours early, so all times and dates are for Friday, November 11th. Also the pie is in the mail.)

11/11/11 Is Here!

Quick note: This is the symbol I use when paraphrasing the Doctor.

This entry will feature the truth and elaborate falsehoods. Fear not, it’ll be simple to discern which is which.

Six days from surgery. 1+1+1+1+1+1 = 6!

I remember the last 11/11/11 rather vividly. The Great Blue Norther they called it. Radio host and paranormal investigator Daniel Floyd and I were testing some Sontaran weather weaponry meant to freeze out the rather elementally challenged Rutans, great shape-shifters, rotten body temperature control, and we decided to park our TARDIS in Kansas City and kind of made a mess of things. Record highs in the day, record lows at night. So, all you centurians in Missouri, my apologies.

Speaking of Dan, tonight (Friday) he's doing a special version of 80's Night Live from 10 p.m. to 12 a. m. eastern standard time, dedicated to some nerd named Father Wizard or something. I'll be in the chatroom during the show. The chat Password: Krushradio

The 11/11/11 before that, I was mid-wife for the birth of future Confederate General Benjamin McCulloch. Yankee or no, I was the only one around that knew something about birthing a baby! I only recently realized the significance of that event, as I am currently working on, under the genius guidance of Tina Prause, The Civil War Today application for Arts and Entertainment Television Networks, we’re included in the The Wired App Guide . Buy both. I'll pay you back when I create a dematerialization ray.

On 11/11/1611 My time machine, Helen Mirren and I went to go see the opening performance of some play called "The Tempest". It was okay, but it could have used a few song and dance numbers. Helen seemed mesmerized, as if she had some sort of plan.

I recently decided that I don't hate the phone anymore. Mostly thanks to Liz Carr, my Jedi Master, who is one of the greatest people the Universe has ever connected me with. (That's true!) Also talking to my son's namesake David, my dear friend Lilianavonk, my new pal Marilu Henner,one of my favorite musical artists EVER Natalie Nicole Gilbert, my brilliant boss Tina, and my little brother Tim. I've become a phone guy!

Also as an aside I love Michael Gardner and Sandra Bernhard ! LOVE. THEM.

Also, a thank you to all those who served this country so nobly for so long. This days is yours, and you have my undying respect and appreciation.

The following is the unembellished truth :

I'd like to take this moment to thank the girl of my dreams, the center of my universe, the being that all my reality revolves around, and the person who has lifted me to higher heights than I'd ever thought possible. Not only has she given me the gift of my precious Boo Monster, but she gives me strength and encouragment even when I'm in spazzy, anxiety, and yes, even jerky mode. She is an academic phenom, a true genius,her beauty is unmatched, and she sings like an angel.

Pamela, my wife, my life didn't really begin until we met,and even though I'm not there yet, if I ever become the person I truly wish to be, it will be because of you.

When I come out of surgery on Thursday and see your face I will know that everything will always be all right. No. Everything will be amazing!

I love you.

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

Tomorrow is Saturday, and Saturday is a good day to talk about Murray Gold, a man I've relentlessly stalked dressed as David Bowie from the Ashes to Ashes video, but more importantly, Mr. Gold composed much of the music that I listen to when writing my blog.

So we'll do that tomorrow, and I've got a couple more things to talk about as well.

Until then little David Bowie for you !

Love one another !


  1. Ooh, another namecheck! I'm well and truly honored to be included in such illustrious company...Pamela most of all. Again, I've got to say how sorry I am the two of you are going through all this, but how immensely grateful I am that you have each other...and the Boo Monster too!

    I would usually be wishing you grace and strength here, but I think you've already got more than enough to spare. ;) ♥

  2. A great post and ending it with Bowie? Win/Win!

    Prayers that everything goes smoothly and that you are healed quickly Shawn. Have fun 'tonight' and I'll see you on WWF soon. Promise I won't beat you by over 200 points again! (though you probably let me win.)


  3. I wrote at the beginning of the post that it was about 4 hours early. ;-)